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Our roots


Started by two friends Jaden and Fraser in November 2016, Bootleg Brewery was born to brew great beer. Having spent years on the Cricket pitches of New Zealand and the UK, they have both consumed many average mass produced beers over the years. So after a few years of Home Brewing, they both decided to do something about it. New Zealand has too long been dominated two duopolistic brewing giants, who have tied up the taps in 90% of the bars across the country. We think that all Kiwi's should be entitled to choose beers that taste awesome and are not simply brewed to line the pockets of oversea's Shareholders.


Our beer

We want to make beers that taste awesome and everyone loves. There are too many so called 'craft' beers out there tht have been made to cater to the Lion Red drinkers and to be honest don't really taste that much different. With so many 'Craft' Breweries around now we want our beers to stand out from the crowds, which is why we pack in as many hops into the bottle as possible. Bootleg Beers will always be made with taste and flavour foremost, this sometimes means that we forgoe the efficiency and profits that other breweries get. But we will always hold true to our roots and make awesome beers and we hope you love them as much as we do.

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our mission

Bootleg Brewery was born to create great beers that we and our mates want to drink. for too long we've been drinking crap beer with little choice for great locally brewed beers.