Apehanger IPA now in cans too

We’ve just brewed our latest batch of our award winning Apehanger at Urbanaut Brewery in Kingsland. Bruce and his team did an awesome job with our Mosaic XPA, so we really wanted to do our Apehanger up there too. Another big bonus of using Urbanaut is that they have a canning line, so we’ve been able to can this batch in 440ml cans.

We’re really stoked with this version and also really happy to have plenty of 50l kegs available for sale too!! So if you’re keen for one let us know. Cheers J&F

Jaden Hatwell
Mosaic XPA now in Cans..

We have just brewed a new batch of our award winning Mosaic XPA at Urbanaut in Kingsland. We slightly changed up the recipe in this batch, giving it a bit more body and base to really make the hops shine. The result is an awesome hoppy, tropical concoction of goodness that you will just want to smash. The cans are perfect for the Beach, Boat or Cricket pitch…or just at home sitting on the sofa watching the cricket.

Bootleg Mighty Mosaic IPA - released today

On the back of the success of our Mosaic XPA, we decided to create an even bigger and better version. Using the same Malt base and same Mosaic hops, we created an ultra light and clean IPA bursting with tropical passionfruit and pineapple aromas. Get one now whilst you can, as it won't be around long. In case you want to know what the bottle says, this is it...The roaring 20's a "Mighty" time, the 18th amendment was the catalyst for underground booze, bootlegging & organised crime. Mafia bosses, architects for their own decadent tastes, hedonism had a rightful place. Their power, $$$$, opulence & stash, heads of the family corporation, sweating on their piles of cash. Wherever beer, money and power are at stake, there will be a fight make no mistake. Winners write history & history continues to be written. You need to pick the right side, be wise, we got whacked for running hooch from rye. In older times, you'd get a bullet in your eye! So when you choose your beer today, you write history & decide who losses, wins & stays. Make sure you have your say. CHOOSEINDEPENDENT, remember t 18th amendment

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Bootleg Apehanger IPA finishes in top 50 beers in NZ..
GABS hottest 100 41-50...

GABS hottest 100 41-50...

For the last couple of year GAB's has run their top 100 beers for the year. Its a competition voted on by beer drinkers, so is naturally dominated by the larger breweries who have massive marketing budgets and product all through the country. So for us to come in 49th with the Apehanger we were super stoked. We are putting out a few new beers this year, so hopefully we can get more than one on the list for 2018.

We have also confirmed that we will have a stall at GABS 2018 on the 30th of June, which we are so looking forward to as its going to be an awesome event. We are also entering a special GABS festival beer, which I'm sure you'll all love. Can't tell you what it is now, but watch this space for updates...

Heres the link to the top 100 if you're interested, just click here



Jaden Hatwell
Beast of a Feast 2018

After the original event was postponed due to the shitty weather, we were a bit concerned as to how many beer lovers would turn up to the Beast of Feast last Saturday the 13th. Our fear turned out to be unfounded and it was an awesome day and so cool to meet so many of our supporters and lovers of Bootleg Beers. 

Fraser and I left from the Tron around 6.30am, to give us plenty of the time for the old Bootleg Truck to get over the Kaimai's. We were a bit worried she might not make it as she's had a few issues lately, but despite a blown head gasket she made it up and over and got to Soper Reserve next to the Rising Tide bar in plenty of time to set-up. Being our first big event and also the first time we'd used our new mobile chiller unit, we were shitting bricks it wasn't going to work. However after a bit of helpful advice from our neighbours The Island Brewery, we were up and running just in time for a 10 o'clock start.

On tap we had our Apehanger IPA, Blind Mule APA and our new Mosaic XPA. Its fair to say they all went down extremely well, apart from one lady who 'just doesnt like hoppy beers'. We felt like saying "Well sorry lady you came to the wrong brewery, go and find a nice lion red at a Pub down the road". Hey you can't please everyone, but we were very keen to get peoples thoughts on our new XPA before we did the next batch. Overall the feedback on the XPA was great, and a couple who were on Holiday from Canada said it was the best beer they'd had in NZ which was cool. We're back in the brewery next week doing the next batch which we are going to bottle.

The crowds begun to pour in around 4pm and the afternoon session was much busier. We were inundated with punters from 5.30pm till 6.30pm and the taps didn't stop pouring. With the bands in full swing and the punters enjoying some great craft beers, the party was really starting to pump.

Overall we really enjoyed the day and will be back again. We really loved meeting people who enjoyed our beer and telling our story to them over a cold one. We did get plenty of people asking where they can buy our beer in Tauranga and at the moment it is the Mount Liquorland at Bayfair, Liquorland on Cameron Road and Super Liquor on Cameron Road.