Bootleg Mighty Mosaic IPA - released today

On the back of the success of our Mosaic XPA, we decided to create an even bigger and better version. Using the same Malt base and same Mosaic hops, we created an ultra light and clean IPA bursting with tropical passionfruit and pineapple aromas. Get one now whilst you can, as it won't be around long. In case you want to know what the bottle says, this is it...The roaring 20's a "Mighty" time, the 18th amendment was the catalyst for underground booze, bootlegging & organised crime. Mafia bosses, architects for their own decadent tastes, hedonism had a rightful place. Their power, $$$$, opulence & stash, heads of the family corporation, sweating on their piles of cash. Wherever beer, money and power are at stake, there will be a fight make no mistake. Winners write history & history continues to be written. You need to pick the right side, be wise, we got whacked for running hooch from rye. In older times, you'd get a bullet in your eye! So when you choose your beer today, you write history & decide who losses, wins & stays. Make sure you have your say. CHOOSEINDEPENDENT, remember t 18th amendment

Jaden HatwellComment