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Apehanger IPA 6.3%abv

Trophy Winning beer at the 2017 Brewers Guild Awards, best in class for Strong Pale Ale.

Caesar said he wanted a pale tropical IPA. To keep him happy and get the monkey off our back, we jammed this beer full of our favourite USA and Kiwi hops. It bloody worked! 

Beer writers review "Very pale gold with just a little haze and a good clingy head.  Remarkably sharp, fresh aroma of lemon and lime citrus, with passion fruit and rock melon in the background.  Super clean palate with more fresh citrus, balanced out by some dry herbaceous astringency backing up the bitterness.  The dry, neutral malt base gives the beer the weight it needs, but lets the hops do the talking.  All of ApeHanger’s components are perfectly sound on their own, but it’s the flawless balance that it strikes between them that raises it above the sum of it’s parts to become a truly top class IPA."

Available in 440ml cans and 50l kegs

Comments from Untapped

I can see / smell / taste / feel why this is regarded as one of NZ’s best beers of 2017. - Dave W

Super clean and easy drinking. Bitter with resin notes and aromatic pine. - Finn S

Lovely. Quite lovely. It has finesse that others are aiming for. Well done, Bootleg! - James S


motorhorse iipa 7.77%abv

Motorhorse Double India Pale Ale is our tribute to the pioneers of the American IPA. This west coast brew is not brewed by westies though, rather brewed in the Tron for people that like resinous, citrusy, high octane IPA's. Enjoy

Available in 500ml bottles and 50l kegs.

Comments from Untapped

Good hop oil nose and hazey colour. Great hops on the palate and nice warming mouth feel - Euan S

I love this IIPA, heaps of flavours happening, the Bootleg Ambassador Nath hooked me up with this bottle thanks Bro u rock 👍💪. - Justin B

I’m starting to think that Bootleg Brewery is the best thing to come out of Hamilton since... well... me, I guess. - Andy W

Great beer.big flavour and handles the high % well.cool graphics on the label as well - David M


Mosaic xpa 5.2%abv

We love the kiwi summer and beer. Mosaic XPA is super hoppy and super sessionable. We jammed this beer full of Mosaic hops which has created a tropical cocktail of Passion-fruit, Pineapple & Mango on a light malt base. Jeeeezz it’s tasty! One won’t be enough.

Available in 440ml cans and 50l kegs.

Comments from Untapped

One of the better xpa’s I’ve had 👍 - Jeff B

Yeah!!!! Now that's my kind of beer, love the hops. Awesome . - Dave P

Pale gold. Passionfruit and citric nose and palate. Soft malt. Clean bitterness. Good balance for style. - Allan H

Hoppy nice and very drinkable - Mir H